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Brimming with dense old growth forests, tall grasslands swept by warm breezes, serene sandy beaches, scenic countryside, quaint towns chock full of unique shops and restaurants, the San Juan Islands beg to be explored. With a set of unique characteristics, each island in the archipelago offers something new to discover around every corner, from hiking the scenic Turtleback Mountain Preserve or sipping on award-winning locally produced wines at San Juan Vineyards.

To help you uncover all of the wonderful places around the islands, we recently caught up with mobile tech innovator and San Juan Island local Tim Fry, to chat about his latest creation, the San Juan Insider, which is designed to make exploring these beautiful islands a bit easier.


Q: What inspired you to create the San Juan Islands Insider app?

A: I have spent much of my career in the mobile industry. When I moved to the San Juans a few years ago it struck me that the Islands, though a top tourist destination on the West Coast, didn’t have a mobile app for visitors. Every year San Juan County provides grants for projects that will improve the tourist experience, so I partnered with the Islands’ chambers of commerce to apply for a grant that would fund the development of the San Juan Islands Insider app. The San Juans have so many hidden gems, so I wanted to create something that would not only guide visitors to the best destinations, but reward them for exploring those places.

Q: How does the San Juan Islands Insider app work?

A: Different than other tourist apps, San Juan Islands Insider gives you incentives for discovering places within a community. When you create an account, you can collect points at different locations – taking advantage of your phone’s GPS. The more places you visit; the more points you earn. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem those points for goods or services at Rewards Locations listed in the app.

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